Start-up mentor

Some survey statistics show that those start-ups that had a mentor performed almost 3 x better, compared to those start-ups that did not have one! Start-up mentors are invaluable resource for a start-up, and can most often be the reason for your start-up's existence.

We at JPCaarnunderstand the importance of mentoring and has passionately taken up the cause of mentoring a number of new ventures to build our start-up ecosystem. New ventures are mentored at various stages - some right at the idea stage itself; or in an incubation or prototyping stage; or products/services that have already been launched in the market but unable to take things forward from that point; lacking clarity; or those New ventures that have not been able to grow their business despite having a brilliant idea, solution.

Be it whatever stage you are in, we like to act as your guiding force! At the same time, we shortlist New ventures, ideas, that we wish to mentor based on a few parameters that include your

  • value system
  • business ethics
  • commitment
  • openness and
  • Responsive to feedback, etc.

What are your benefits in having a new venture mentor?

There are so many benefits that new ventures can derive in having a new venture business mentor on board, but some of the key aspects are as below;

  • We show you the way that you can tread along
  • Help you shortlist, validate ideas
  • Bring in strategic thinking
  • Provide you feedback without any bias
  • May create opportunities to network
  • Help you to focus, and work on critical aspects of your business
  • Facilitate you to connect with potential investors where possible
  • Fine tune your pitch, value proposition
  • Guide you in digital marketing (execute it for you if you need it - optional)
  • Can discuss, negotiate, for you with your potential investors (as per agreed terms)
  • Support you in accelerating your growth
  • Suggest ways to structure your company for better performance

Simply put, we act as your business advisor who can walk with you, for your success!

Looking for a new venture mentor? You are almost there!

  • Provide you with top class talent to drive your business, who takes up ownership on your results
  • Work with you in executing strategies across marketing, sales, business development, digital marketing, operations and people function
  • Offer you Leadership coaching, high impact training in negotiations, strategy, sales, marketing, team work, etc.